Expect price of beef to increase

A trip to the grocery storeâ??s meat counter may be affecting your wallet, as the price of beef is rising.

North Ottumwa Hy-Vee Meat Manager Scott Siefker said prices are projected to increase around 11% this year and itâ??s all due to the drought we had last year.

Beef cattle are at a 62 year low as far as how many cattle are out in production.

Siefker said beef prices have increased over the past couple of months but he is trying to do all he can to keep consumers from feeling the increase too much.

â??Well we've shrunk our margin lately and not raised our prices much as we normally would because we're trying to keep the prices low for people. We do have a lot of specials and we do buy specials. We have a lot of real good ad items so people buy smart, look for ad items, look for the specials. There is still good value out here,â?? said Siefker.

If youâ??re looking for an alternative to beef, Siefker said pork is one of the least inexpensive meats right now.