Extreme heat cooking

With our current heat wave bringing temperatures of 105-110 degrees during the afternoon hours, KTVO decided to see if it was hot enough to fry eggs on the sidewalk and bake cookies in a car.

We started by slicing up some cookie dough and putting it on a pan. After that, we headed outside to the car. The outside air temperature almost 108 degrees at the time we started this. We placed the cookies inside the car where they started at a temperature of 88 degrees.

At just over two hours into the experiment, our digital thermometer maxed out at 140 degrees. We quickly replaced it with an oven thermometer for another two hours. After baking in the car for almost four hours and reaching a maximum temperature of 162 degrees Fahrenheit, the cookies looked done.

The cookies were pulled out and appeared to be cooked all the way through. A taste test was conducted to the cookies and they were indeed done. The only thing we were able to find different from baking in an oven is how crispy the cookies were on the edges. Besides that, the cookies baked completely in just over four hours.

We tried frying an egg on three surfaces; concrete, asphalt, and a metal storm drain. After cracking and letting the eggs sit for 30 minutes, there was no frying on any of our surfaces. It just doesnâ??t get hot enough. The eggs simply started drying up and after a few hours were completely dry.

In this extreme heat it does appear it is possible to bake in your car, while it is not possible to fry eggs on the ground.

Remember to stay safe out in this current heat wave and let this remind you of how fast a car can heat up. Be sure to check the back seat each and every time you exit your vehicle to make sure no children or pets are left in the car.