FAA considers allowing cell phone usage on planes

The Federal Aviation Administration is considering changing its rules on the use of electronic devices on airplanes.

The new rules would allow plane passengers to use devices to read, listen to music, and watch videos while the plane is taking off and landing.

That is currently prohibited. Kirksville Regional Airport Director Glenn Balliew says you should know that this proposal would only allow certain uses of your cell phone.

â??Well a lot of people carry everything on their cell phones now. They carry their work; theyâ??re books, playing games on it and everything else. Itâ??s really a

mini-computer. So theyâ??re reading a book now, they donâ??t have to interrupt that book now. During landing and take off to put that stuff up, they continue to do it,â?? Balliew said.

Changes allowing the use of cell phones and other electronic devices during take-off and landing, may go into effect as soon as next year.