Facebook Mentions, Michael Jackson and NFL

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You may want to watch what you say about celebrities on Facebook, they may be watching. Facebook rolled out a new app that lets public figures and celebrities see that fans are saying about them. The app allows them to comment or even start a Q&A with fans. Whoopi Goldberg, Mariah Carey and Rachel Zoe are a few celebrities that have been using Facebook Mentions to give fans a bit of a surprise.


Last night, the music video for new single â??A Place With No Nameâ?? was released via Michael Jacksonâ??s Twitter account, marking the first such premiere for the social media site. While artists have always used to alert fans about new clips on YouTube and the like, viewing videos within tweets is a fairly new feature, and Jackson will be the first to actually debut a new video within a single tweet.


The NFL is getting into the pay-to-play fantasy football field. It is the first US professional sports league to do so! The entry fees range from $10 to $120 but there are plenty of prizes! Because of state gaming law, seven states, including Iowa, are not allowed to play.