Faces of Faith: Gavin Jones

Gavin Jones speaking about his mission trip to Uruguay

Five years ago, 24-year-old Gavin Jones made the biggest decision of his life.

â??My freshman year of college, I accepted Christ as my Savior,â?? Jones said. â??And every year that I was in school, I felt this pull to maybe be a part of missions in someway.â??

The summer after graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he went on a mission trip with a group of ten people.

â??My senior year, I applied to go to Uruguay, it didn't work out that year, so I waited again the following year, and applied again and then was accepted to this program called STINT,â?? he said. â??It's a one year missions placement overseas.â??

Gavin says he chose to go to Uruguay because he wanted to spread the word of God to college students who desperately needed it.

"In Uruguay there's a lot of issues with suicide and depression it has one of the highest suicide and depression rates in the world amongst college students, and so it was a good opportunity for me to use Spanish and serve the Lord in that way by sharing the love of Christ.â??

He returned from his mission trip two weeks ago, and put together this presentation before an intimate group at his church.

"I'm sharing my year in Uruguay with people who have partnered with me financially and prayerfully throughout the year,â?? Jones said.

He shared one of his best memories on his mission trip telling the group at Fairfield First United Methodist Church, how he prayed for 30 people to show up to his missionary group's first retreat and unbeknownst to him 30 people actually showed up.

I didn't go to change my life, I went to change others' lives, but that's a result of the process of missions, you go to sacrifice yourself and love on other people, and through that process you receive a lot more than you expected.