Faces of Faith: Keeping Sunday holy at the fair

Morning worship held at the Van Buren County Fairgrounds.

This Sundayâ??s Faces of Faith segment spotlights a group of people who didn't have time to rest this Sunday, but they still take a moment to keep the Sabbath Day holy.

Larry Smith has been preaching in churches for nearly 15 years, and this morning he gave a short, yet meaningful sermon to a small group of people working at the Van Buren County Fair. Many of us are raised to attend church every Sunday, but Smith says that tradition is evolving. Ge says if you're too busy to make it to church, that's OK. Just take time for yourself to reflect and make God an important part of your life.

â??I farm a little; I preach a little, and I run heavy equipment a little,â?? Smith said. â??We're privileged to live here in Van Buren County. I was asked to come here and deliver a message this morning, and I was glad to do that.â??

Smith's inspiration for today's sermon came from Luke 10. He encouraged the worship group to trust God for finding purpose in your life. They sang a quick hymn, and said the Lord's Prayer, which all took less than 30 minutes. He and his wife Diane simply inspired others to just set aside a little time.