Faces of Faith: Piercing the Darkness

Four of the five Piercing the Darkness band members: Ken Finch, Bryan Root (top) Tammy Finch, Steve Shettler (Below)

Piercing the Darkness is not your average rock band. Lead singer Steve Shettler is the only original member from when the group started back in 2007.

â??And it's just kind of grown from there,â?? Shettler said. â??We do approximately 40 to 50 concerts a year.â??

With Curt Roozeboom on the drums, Tammy Finch playing bass guitar, her husband Ken Finch playing rhythm guitar and the harmonica, and Bryan Root singing back-up and strumming the electric guitar, the band combines their love of rock music with the love they have for their Savior.

â??It's just a way to get out there into the public,â?? Shettler said. â??And as the name of our band says, we get out there and pierce the darkness. The world is a pretty dark place that needs to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.â??

â??Steve is like the lyric master and then we put music to it,â?? Root said. â??It's just an awesome thing.â??

The Christian rock band not only performs here at the First Presbyterian Church, but they also have opened the show for some big names like Daddy Weave and 7th Day Slumber.

â??Anything from small youth gatherings on a Wednesday or Thursday night to anything like the Iowa State Fair,â?? Shettler said.

â??You know, you've got all these people there, and you're not in a safe setting of a church where everyone believes in what you believe,â?? Tammy Finch said. â??It takes a lot of courage to get up there and bring the message God wants you to bring.â??

If you want to see Piercing the Darkness live, they will be performing at Greater Ottumwa Park July 12th and 13th.