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      Faces of Faith: President's Day at Seton Catholic School

      "Dress Like a President Dayâ?? at Montessori Preschool of Seton Catholic School.

      This weekâ??s Faces of Faith segment spotlights a preschool class in Ottumwa, and their teachers Sara Johnson and Carrie Glosser.

      Wednesday was â??Dress Like a President Dayâ?? at Montessori Preschool of Seton Catholic School. Some of the costumes included George W. Bush, President Barack Obama, First-Lady Michelle Obama, and historic figures from our past like George Washington, Martha Washington and Jackie Kennedy. The preschoolers werenâ??t just dressed like their favorite president or first-lady. They can name all 44 of them in order in a song.

      â??At the beginning of the year last year, Mrs.. Glosser and I decided we were going to do a president of the week, and just start teaching them the names and it kind of evolved into the song, and we were shocked to see how they remembered the song,â?? Johnson said. â??In fact, some of them know them better than she and I do.â??

      Other staff members at Seton Catholic School describe these preschool teachers as patient, endearing and selfless educators. If you couldnâ??t tell from the costumes in their interview, Mrs.. Johnson was dressed up as Abraham Lincoln, and Mrs.. Glosser had some extra padding in her William Howard Taft costume because he is famous for being the most overweight president in U.S. history.