Faces of Faith: The Bridge welcomes everyone with open arms

Pastor Marty Schmidt gives a sermon at the Bridge

This Sunday's Faces of Faith segment features a congregation that offers a lively and fun non-denominational church service.

The Bridge Church started in 2007, when the Bridge View Center opened in Ottumwa. Pastor Marty Schmidt says they welcome everyone with open arms, even those who have never heard the word of God before.

â??One of the unique things about our church, is that we're a come as you are church,â?? Schmidt said. â??We kind of have this idea that thereâ??s no perfect people allowed. We're a bunch of misfits and mess-ups, and we're just looking for some hope, and so we really find that we're a church that allows people a chance to re-enter if they've given up on faith, or if they've never heard of Jesus before you know, this is a great first step for some people.â??

The Bridge holds two services every Sunday, one at 9 a.m. and another at 10:45 a.m.