Fairfield celebrates its 175th birthday with weekend of events

This new display at the Carnegie Historical Museum is open to the public starting Thursday.

Fairfield is celebrating its 175th birthday this weekend.

In addition to events and games, music and a fireworks display, a large collection of historical items has been assembled for people to see. Community members and businesses have donated historic items for the display at Iowa State Construction on the Fairfield Square.

The items go back to the 1800's all the way up until today. It includes maps of the town's original layout, postcards, pictures and newspaper clippings. All the artifacts collected also show Fairfield's diversity throughout the years.

"We have the original home of the first state fair that was here, we've got a lot of great businesses that have come and gone over the years, Cambridge is the shining star right now as they continue to grow and of course, MUM University transforming from the original Parsons College brings a unique element to the community as well," said Adam Plagge, Executive Director of the Fairfield Economic Development Association.

The Carnegie Historical Museum in Fairfield also has a brand-new exhibit on display. It had not yet been seen by the public before its opening Thursday evening. The exhibit features a large collection of items from Lee Gobble, a longtime Fairfield resident and historian.

Fairfield's local quilt guild also designed a quilt featuring some of Gobble's pictures and the Bonneville Cabin.

The Carnegie Museum exhibit is open all weekend. For a complete list of 175th birthday events, click here. For more on the museum, click here.