Fairfield church preparing for community Thanksgiving meal

First United Methodist Church in Fairfield will be holding a community dinner on Thanksgiving.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, service centers and churches across the heartland are preparing for community dinners.

In Fairfield, the First United Methodist Church will be holding a free dinner for anyone who would like to come from 11:30 a.m. until 2 p.m.

All the food is donated, the turkeys from Hy Vee, pies from the Knights of Columbus and other dishes from volunteers who bring them in Thanksgiving day. Organizers say that every year, they are overwhelmed by the amount of volunteers who give back.

"Not only do we give to the community, but I see so much change in some of the people that do their volunteering because they see what's out there and their change of attitude as far as helping others," said David Goehring, coordinator of the event. "That's what really keeps us going because we're truly helping others."

First United Methodist Church is located across the courthouse in Fairfield on North Court Street. Goehring said even though it looks like they are set on volunteers, they are always looking for more people to be involved and make the event feel like a "family reunion".