Fairfield city council sets plan for new city administrator

Fairfield city administrator Mike Harmon discusses plans to search for his replacement. (KTVO)

The Fairfield City Council met Monday afternoon to discuss plans to replace outgoing city administrator Mike Harmon.

Two separate plans were submitted to the city council by Callahan Municipal Consultants.

Callahan Municipal Consultants was contracted by the city 2 years ago to assist in hiring Harmon.

Plan A would have completed the search by November 13 and cost the city $12,850.

Plan B would complete the search by October 17 and cost $10,950, but would put more responsibility on the council members during the hiring process.

Council members decided that the recent hiring of Harmon left them better prepared to handle that responsibility and ultimately voted with Plan B.

Mayor Ed Malloy said the council’s primary concern is getting the job filled with the right person as quickly as possible.

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