Fairfield encourages residents to 'whack your weeds'

The City of Fairfield encourages residents to weed and clean up their houses and businesses this week.

The City of Fairfield and the city's Beautification Commission are working together to whack Fairfield's weeds.

The annual event gets people out onto their property - at their homes or businesses - to mow, weed and beautify the look of the town. This year's event has gotten a proclamation from Fairfield Mayor Ed Malloy to further raise awareness and make this year's event the most successful so far.

"We find that this time of year, everybody's getting a little bit tired of all the mowing, so it's just a good reminder that there are weeds growing places and you get used to seeing them, so just to create some awareness about looking a little bit extra for some things," said Nancy Horras, Chair of the Fairfield Beautification Commission. "This year, we feel that because of the drought, a lot of people don't have the lawnmowers out and those darn weeds have found a way to grow."

"Whack your Weeds Week" also has to do with public signs and notices. City code prohibits signs from being placed on other people's private property and on city utility poles. The whole idea is to improve the look of the city. As Horras said, taking care of your town reflects back on how much pride residents have in their community. Keeping the city looking good helps residents feel good about where they live.

The event began over Labor Day weekend and runs through September 8.