Fairfield High School renovations contingent upon bond vote

This is part of what the renovation plan looks like for Fairfield High School

Fairfield Community School District is rallying support for the April 2 Bond Election Vote.

Theyâ??re trying to bond for $10 million for renovations to Fairfield High School. They are able to offset the cost of that bond and more in next yearâ??s school budget by reducing a couple of other levies.

â??Were reducing a cast reserve levy and we're reducing a management fund levy by more than the cost of the bond so the taxpayers are going to support the project and still get a bout a 57 cent per thousand or more tax decrease,â?? said Art Sathoff, Fairfield Schools Superintendent.

One of the things that this project will address is accessibility of the building which is a problem right now.

â??It's important to us not to change the traditional art deco look that we enjoy on that south side of our school but we are removing the different levels so that people can enter right on grade. They can enter into a new central services area -- office area for traffic flow and security and then they can move directly into the auditorium which now is not accessible for wheelchairs access unless you go outside the building,â?? said Sathoff.

That one part of the building has addressed security and ADA accessibility. And there will be some new building that will in turn free up extra classroom space.

â??This is the northwest corner of the building. The far northwest -- that new addition will be science labs. It will have two sets of two science labs stacked up on the ground floor and first floor. There are other things we're addressing such as room for our music programs, both vocal and instrumental, locker rooms, wrestling area. There's quite a bit that we're getting done for the budget. We really feel good a bout the plan we have,â?? said Sathoff.

Sathoff stresses those that can to vote on April 2 at your nearest voting center.

Sathoff said if all goes according to plan, the building should be completed in 2015.

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