Fairfield High School to undergo renovations this spring

Fairfield High School will soon be undergoing some major changes as construction will hopefully begin this spring.

The school is currently finalizing construction plans. Here are some changes you can expect to see.

The front entrance will be lowered to ground level to increase security.

There will be a new office and new classrooms on the bottom floor. New varsity and P.E. locker rooms will be installed.

There will be a new shop area along with four new science classrooms on the north side of the building with 21st century learning spaces.

A new HVAC system will be installed to improve heating and cooling, and a new wrestling room will be built with new wrestling mats.

And finally, the kitchen area in the commons will be redesigned to increase efficiency.

Principal Aaron Becker said these improvements will make Fairfield a top notch high school.

"We're going to be able to have an environment for our kids that's one that they love to come to every single day," said Becker. "And one that's going to be competitive throughout the area."

The school hopes to complete the construction by fall of 2015.