Fairfield hopeful of becoming a Blue Zones City

The city of Fairfield is anxiously waiting to find out if they have been chosen as a Blue Zones City.

Originally, there was no plan to make divisions in blue zones at the state level.

However, the Blue Zones Committee has recently decided to break the state into 2 categories: cities that have 10,000 or more people and cities that have less than 10,000 people.

â??Because weâ??re in the small city category, itâ??ll be another month before those announcements are actually made,â?? says Fairfield City Administrator Jeff Clawson.

The committee chose to start with the large cities so they have announced the first 11 large cities. They will be following that up with an announcement of the small cities sometime in mid March.

â??So nothing has really changed. Weâ??re still in the loop. Weâ??re still moving forward. Weâ??re very excited about the Blue Zones,â?? says Clawson.

Clawson is hopeful that the committee will recognize the hard work the city of Fairfield has put forth into becoming a Blue Zones City.