Fairfield insurance rates to drop

Home insurance rates will be dropping starting Wednesday for Fairfield residents and itâ??s all thanks to the cityâ??s ISO ranking dropping.

â??ISOâ?? stands for Insurance Services Offices and Fairfield went from a six to a five on the scale of one to 10, one being the best.

A cityâ??s ISO ranking depends on its fire department, telecommunications dispatch center and water supply system.

â??Largely in part of our trucks are much newer than what they used to be, infrastructure of water system is much better â?? the actual flow coming out of the hydrants is much better than what it used to be back in the day. Our apparatus used to take in 2,250 gallons to a country fire; now with our new tanker and country pumper theyâ??re taking right at 4,000 gallons,â?? said Fire Chief Scott Vaughan of the Fairfield Fire Department.

As for homeownersâ?? insurance, homeowners can expect to see anywhere from a 3 to 7% value in their homeownerâ??s insurance policy because of the drop in rates.

Chief Vaughan said with the Fairfield being a volunteer fire department, it will be hard to go anywhere lower than a 5.

He added that training is a big part of the rating and they train once a month whereas a full time fire department is training basically whenever theyâ??re on duty.

Chief Vaughan said the idea of a training center for the future is in the works but is uncertain because of funding.