Fairfield killer faces fifty years

Tyler Webster

A Fairfield man could spend the next five decades in jail.

Late Tuesday afternoon, a Jefferson County jury convicted Tyler James Webster of Second Degree Murder.

Webster was on trial for the August 2012 shooting of Buddy Lee Frisbie.

The trial began last week, and Judge Myron Gookin gave the case to the jury on Tuesday.

Prosecutors had been asking for a conviction on First Degree Murder, which requires the jury to find premeditation.

Webster was arrested on August 25 of last year after the 32-year old Frisbie was found on Marigold Avenue suffering from multiple gun shot wounds.

He was later pronounced dead at the scene.

If the jury had found Webster guilty of First Degree Murder, he would be facing a mandatory life sentence.

But the conviction on the lesser charge means Webster will face a maximum of fifty years when he is sentenced on May 28.

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