Fairfield looking for residents to become Blue Zones ambassadors

The Blue Zones initiative continues in Fairfield, with the goal of making everyone in the county healthier and happier. Now, the community wants residents to get involved by becoming Blue Zones Ambassadors.

Ambassadors will be an advocate for Blue Zones-related information for their family, friends and community as a whole. The ambassadors will also work towards the goal of the Blue Zones project, which is uniting every aspect of the community in this effort, including local businesses, schools and government.

"All of these constituents of the community have to be reached out to and informed.," said Ken Daley, Local Coordinator for Fairfield's Blue Zones. "So the Blue Zones training, or the ambassador training, will give you the skills to work with all of these groups to help even create activity groups, and these are little small activity groups where people who have a certain interest can gravitate together around one of these [groups]."

Daley said anyone is welcome to become an ambassador, and you don't have to have any sort of qualifications or special skills to do the training. A workshop will be held Thursday, November 16 at noon at the Fairfield Public Library.

For additional information, e-mail Ken Daley at or call 641-209-9893.