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      Fairfield makes Top 10 in list of small towns to visit

      Fairfield has been named number seven on the list of Top 20 Best Small Towns to Visit in 2013.

      Smithsonian Magazine compiles the list each year and took a visit to Fairfield in January.

      Mayor Ed Malloy said there are many reasons why Fairfield made the list, but the biggest have to do with arts and culture.

      "I think she was really impressed with a number of different things, the university is so unique and I think that was one of the real drivers, but also the culture and the arts, the Sondheim Center and the art ICON Gallery, Cafe Paradiso and the music scene, she got to experience a little bit of that, so I think it was a bit of everything, really," Mayor Malloy said.

      Some of the projects Fairfield currently has in the works include becoming a Blue Zones demonstration site, their Blue Print plan will be revealed in April, as well as being chosen to host an overnight stop during RAGBRAI this July.

      Topping the list of small towns were Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Cleveland, Mississippi and St. Augustine, Florida.

      You can view the entire list by clicking here.