Fairfield making effort to become healthiest city

Fairfield has reached another milestone in the city's attempt to become healthy.

The city is trying to become the healthiest in Iowa; and has jumped from 32nd place to 6th in one week as part of Governor Terry Branstad's Blue Zone Initiative. Iowa currently ranks 19th in overall health.

The plan consists of places where people can live long, healthy lives and are represented by cultures all over the world. Reasons for the big increase in Fairfield include the many jogging trails, activities at the Recreation Center, and numerous health foods stores and farmers markets.

The Blue Zone Initiative will reward 10 cities with incentives to engage a community-wide effort to be in shape. Fairfield City Administrator Jeff Clawson said residents are encouraged to sign up, make a pledge, and help out the cause.

"There's no cost, there's no obligation, there's no Blue Zone Police. It's just something fun. You're just agreeing to do things that are going to make you a healthier human being and hopefully live a longer, healthier life.'

"We feel we're positioned in a great place. We have a Wellness Coalition that is designed to enhance all of those services throughout the community and educate the public on these services.

The city with the most people registered by October 28 will improve their chances to become an Iowa Blue Zone. Visit to learn more.