Fairfield moves forward with new water meters

The city of Fairfield is moving forward with its plans for the new radio-read water meters that will be installed throughout the city.

Residents who do not want to use that type of meter are being given an alternative option.

"I think that the primary option that we have been looking at is very fundamental," said Kevin Flanagan, Fairfield City Administrator. "It would be a touchpad technology, which would be on the outside of your home and the meter reader, there again, that is where some of that cost comes in, that meter reader is going to be getting out of the truck, instead of being able to ride and interrogate that meter. They would be coming out, coming to the home and popping that touchpad and getting the meter-read for the month."

Flanagan said the city will be having public meetings in the near future about the meters.

He also stressed that when it comes to health concerns, there is

nothing to worry about

when using the radio technology within the new meters. Many other cities around the country are already using them with no problems.