Fairfield Performing Arts Center looking for volunteers

The Fairfield Arts and Convention Center is asking for volunteers to help out during its busy artist series.

The center is a host to many activities over the next couple of months, and volunteers are what helps make events go smoothly.

"Obviously for our artist series coming up, we need about 20 volunteers per show to usher. It takes a lot of people to get everyone seated. In addition we need volunteers in our concession stand at every single show. We also need help in the office, if we have a big mailing going out, they might be stuffing envelopes or helping us in that way," said Heather Hubbs with the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center.

The training for volunteers is this Sunday. They are asking for all age groups to participate. High School students that need volunteers hours to graduate are encouraged to participate.

For more information on the center, click here.