Fairfield Police Department explains changes to department policies

In order to focus on larger investigations, FPD will no longer perform public services.

The Fairfield Police Department has made some changes to its policies and procedures.

When the new budget cycle began July 1, the department looked to re-evaluate its priorities. Captain David Thomas of the Fairfield Police Department said officers have seen a recent increase in time consuming investigations, like thefts, drug cases and sexual assaults.

The department decided to make a few changes so that its limited personnel will be able to better focus on those priority cases.

That means the department has stopped some of the public services it has done in the past. Those services include picking up loose dogs and abandoned bikes and responding to animal nuisance calls.

"We just don't have the personnel now to take them away from a big investigation to handle those types of calls," Captain Thomas said.

Public and private organizations will now be handling those types of services in Fairfield.

If you have any questions about the changes, you're asked to call the department's non-emergency number at (641)-472-4146.