Fairfield recreation project gets minor redesign

Fairfield's pool and gym project is much closer to getting off the ground. The original project was expected to cost $10 million but has been reduced $8.5 million.

This comes after residents of Jefferson County voted against a local option sales tax increase that would go to the project.

The newly proposed design will still have a gym with three basketball courts, but the pool will be behind the Roosevelt Recreation Center instead of O.B. Nelson Park.

So far nearly $7.5 million has been raised.

â??We're currently applying for a CAT grant up in Des Moines. We're going to meet with the CAT grant folk next Wednesday, so hopefully everything goes well. We're applying for a $1.2 million grant to help with fundraising from those guys, so hopefully that goes well. That will help us with our fundraising, so we're moving,â?? said Derik Wulfekuhle, Director of the Fairfield Parks and Recreation Department.

Wulfekuhle expects the project to be complete by 2015.