Fairfield's mascot fundraiser benefits middle school and boosts homecoming spirit

Fairfield's mascot fundraiser will show the community's Trojan pride.

The Fairfield Parent-Teacher Organization is kicking off a fundraiser Monday, September 23 that will not only raise money for Fairfield Middle School, but will help the community show their Trojan pride.

The PTO will be painting Fairfield Trojan window decals for businesses and residents. They're available in three sizes; one foot by one foot for $10, 2x2 for $20 or 3x3 for $30. All the money raised will go towards buying an interactive white board for the middle school students and teachers to use.

"But it's also to help the town get into the spirit of homecoming, so we're really excited," said Janan Twohill, Co-President of Fairfield PTO. "We did this last year and we ramped it up a little bit, we're doing sidewalk paintings and driveway paintings this year as well, so hopefully we can have a lot of takers this year."

"It was very positive last year, the business owners really liked it and you could see them as you drove through town, you saw the logos on the windows," said PTO Co-President Sherri Mineart. "The kids had fun doing it, the adults had fun doing it, it was a great fundraiser."

Sidewalk decals are $30 each.

The PTO has a goal of raising $1,500, the cost of one smart board, but would ultimately like to raise up to $3,000.

The logo fundraiser runs through October 1. To order a window decal or sidewalk mascot, call Fairfield Middle School at 641-472-5019, or e-mail Janan at