Fairfield's newest police officer is man's best friend

Officer Uno will be joining the Fairfield Police Department in March.

The Fairfield Police Department will be adding a new member to their ranks starting in March, however this officer has four legs.

Officer Uno will be working with Fairfield Police Officer David Wall after the two complete a five week training course in Michigan.

The 14-month-old German Shepherd, who is originally from Poland, will be replacing Fairfieldâ??s current K-9 officer, Officer Bonjour. Bonjour currently works with Lt. Collin Smith, however when Uno joins the force, Bonjour will officially retire.

â??He is a lot of fun. The dogs are a great tool. They can get you into a lot of places that normally a patrol officer cannot get into,â?? said Lt. Smith.

Smith has worked with Bonjour since he joined the department. He is considered a dual purpose dog, which comes in handy when responding to different calls while on patrol.

â??All of the police departmentâ??s dogs so far have been dual purpose dogs; which means that they are trained in narcotics and handler protection. They are also able to track during open building searches and article searches. They do a lot of things to keep our officers out of harms way,â?? Smith said.

Fairfield does participate in mutual-aid calls; therefore, once Officer Uno officially joins the force, he could also be serving the surrounding communities on calls if needed.