Fairfield's RAGBRAI theme will make you "hold onto your handlebars"

Fairfield's logo and theme of "Cirque de Fairfield" expresses the unique qualities of the town.

RAGBRAI is coming to town, and Fairfield unveiled its theme and logo on Wednesday.

The town was one of eight cities in Iowa chosen to host an overnight stop on the famous bike tour and a committee of community members wanted to find a theme and logo that not only represents Fairfield, but inspires the community to get involved with the event as well.

Eventually, they went with a "Cirque de Fairfield" theme, harking back to the vintage circuses of the 1920's, supplemented by Fairfield's rich culture in performing arts. The logo's colors will welcome bikers to Fairfield in a burst of color.

"I think the vibrancy of it, in the colors that we've chosen and the general overall look of it is that it's a very vibrant sort of thing and I think that represents our community," said Dennis Lopp, Executive Co-Chair of Publicity for Fairfield RAGBRAI. "I think Fairfield is one of the most unique communities, not only in Southeast Iowa, probably the Midwest and I want them to be able to look at it and be able to say - wow, that's really creative and amazing and that it's fun and festive and that there's got to be a way for them to get involved."

Along with the logo and "Cirque de Fairfield" theme, the motto "Defying Gravity" and the tagline "Hold onto your handlebars" were also revealed.

Lopp said "Defying Gravity" makes you think of exceeding expectations and going beyond what you think could happen, while "hold onto your handlebars" is a double entendre -- it references the bikers' handlebars, while also incorporates a handlebar mustache into the town's logo. For just one of the events Fairfield will hold in July, Lopp and his fellow committee leaders hope to break the world record for most people wearing a handlebar mustache in one place.

There are currently over 30 committees involved with RAGBRAI and everything associated with it; from events to housing to public safety. Lopp said they're looking for anyone and everyone to get involved. If you are interested, visit the Fairfield RABRAI Facebook page, or visit their website by clicking here.