Faith of Faith: Meet new Salvation Army Capt. Ruth Gibbons

Sunday's church service at the Salvation Army of Ottumwa

Meet Ruth Gibbons, the new captain of the Salvation Army, who comes to Ottumwa from a small town in Minnesota.

â??I might not have ever chosen to come to Iowa, but that's the great thing about God,â?? Capt. Gibbons said. â??You come because he leads you, and then you get to see all the wonderful things he has in store for you.â??

Her coworkers welcomed her on June 26, and on Sunday, Capt. Ruth gave her first sermon to the congregation.

â??I think she's gonna do really great here,â?? Salvation Army of Ottumwa Soldier Linda Stateler said. â??She's got a great personality, she's fun to be around, and she definitely loves the Lord.â??

Keith Cooper, whoâ??s been with the Salvation Army for 23 years says Capt. Ruth brings a positive attitude, motivation, encouragement and support.

â??She was talking in her message today about being called,â?? Soldier Cooper said. â??You can tell for sure that she's called to do what she's talking about.â??

The job requires both physical and spiritual components of serving others.

We have been blessed to be one of the biggest if not the biggest charitable organizations in the US and we have not had to compromise our beliefs in the knowledge of who appoints us to do our work.

While everyday for Ruth is different than the day before, and she looks forward to the possibilities here in Ottumwa.

â??I'm excited to see myself a year from now to see where I've came from and how far I've gone,â?? she said.