Fake fair ticket dude sentenced

A suspect accused of making counterfeit passes to the 2009 NEMO Fair in Kirksville is headed to prison.

On Monday in a Knox County courtroom in Edina, Damien Patterson, 25, of Kirksville was sentenced to seven years in the Missouri Department of Corrections.

That is the sentence Patterson was originally given back in 2004 after he pleaded guilty to the theft/attempted theft of anhydrous ammonia.

That sentence was suspended, but because Patterson violated his probation for allegedly committing forgery in the fake fair ticket case, the judge now has ordered him to serve the seven years.

Prosecutors told KTVO Patterson will be given credit for time served.

Patterson's accomplice in the fair ticket scam, Kimberly Shake, 18, of Kirksville pleaded guilty to two counts of felony forgery late last year and was given a suspended sentence.

She is on probation for five years.More stories on the ticket forgery:More fake ticket scandal details Two arrested for ticket forgery