FALCO now making parts for implement manufacturers

<p dir="ltr" align="left">Partners and employees of FALCO</p>

A local manufacturer is now creating parts for the company that makes those famous green-and-yellow farm implements.

Fairfield Aluminum Casting Company, or FALCO, makes castings for a variety of different uses. According to the company, castings are used at the dentist, on railroads and in prosthetics, but one FALCO's most-recent clients will use the castings for creating big green tractors which will be put up for sale by local dealers.

"You can see them in the field, some people need castings to walk, and they're a part of our everyday life," said FALCO sales manager Nicole Tedrow. "The business changes keep jobs right here and helps power life right here."

There are 200,000 people employed in casting jobs across the United States. FALCOâ??s Fairfield site employs around 50 people.

The company also has a plant in Clarence, Mo. About 40 people work at that facility.

For legal reasons, FALCO is limited in saying the exact name of the yellow-and-green implement manufacturing company.