Fall sports preview: Indian Hills Soccer

With fall sports approaching KTVO caught up with Indian Hills soccer coach Doug Seigle to see what he has in store for us this season.

Whatâ??s it like for you to coach both the men and womens team?

DS: Itâ??s busy, I donâ??t have much down time. I sit at night and come up with a practice plan for four practices a day. Then Iâ??m constantly making adjustments so I work a lot of late nights but the good thing is I donâ??t have a personal life.

Thatâ??s good because then you're completely dedicated to the sport, right? So also itâ??s only Indian Hills sixth soccer season, whatâ??s it like for you to be able to build it from the ground up?

DS: Itâ??s been great. My expectations grow every season, when I first got here we were playing at Walsch stadium and now we have our own soccer field and sports complex. Our team has grown, we have locker rooms this year. Itâ??s been great. When we first got here the idea was to see what the team was going to be like, if we had enough interest in the town to have a team. Now after Iâ??ve been here a couple years weâ??ve had success. Both men and womenâ??s teams have won playoff games and beat nationally ranked teams. Now the key is building from that success and trying to get to that next level of consistency.

Soccer is becoming more popular at the high school level, does that help you at a junior college?

DS: It does. A lot of the community colleges recruit out of their back yard. So I do a lot of recruiting out of Ottumwa, Centerville, Oskaloosa, Pella, Kirksville just kind of working around the areas around a 60 or 90 mile radius. Then Iâ??m also trying to fit in a couple international players also. As soccer gets bigger in these areas the quality of soccer players get better.

If you want to see them in action their first game is August 24th and 25th. Be sure to tune into KTVO to see highlights and more interviews from players and coaches throughout the season!