Families spend holiday weekend camping at Lake Wapello

Tents pitched at Lake Wapello State Park.

For Debra Bahr and her family, camping is a family tradition, from one generation to the next.

â??Actually our kids that are married now and have their kids here,â?? Bahr said. â??We actually have been camping here since they were that age, you know like three and four years old, so we've been down here for years camping.â??

Deb and her husband Dave brought their three kids, five of their grandchildren, their nephew, his wife and their newborn baby.

"We're out here at Lake Wapello just doing a little camping with the family,â?? Kurt Clayber said. â??We got a little bags competition going on over here just doing a fun weekend, lots of swimming barbequing, and just enjoying time with the family, enjoying the nice weather.â??

â??Weâ??ve been here since Wednesday and plan on leaving Sunday,â?? Bahr said.

Everyone says theyâ??ve been sleeping soundly.

â??Even my nephew and his wife, they said their newborn baby has probably slept the best probably last night than since she's been born,â?? Bahr said, â??so the good outdoors is even good for a newborn I guess.â??

9-year-old Keegan Dudley and his older brother Braden say they like sleeping in a tent more than their beds at home.

â??It's a lot more comfortable,â?? Braden said.

The Dudley family enjoys fishing as well as siblings Rachel and Tom Cotton from South Dakota who are visiting their cousin Ryan Johnson and the rest of the extended family from Burlington, Iowa.

â??We've been swimming fishing going to the beach and pretty much that's it, Johnson said.

The Meridas say camping teaches kids how to have fun without always relying on electronics.

â??Fishing, hiking, we caught fireflies, swimming, roasting marshmallows, stuff like that.â??