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      Family displaced by fire still needs your help

      A Green City family, including three young children is looking elsewhere to stay, after a fire forced the family from their home, and now they're asking for your help.

      The initial reports said that only four people were living in the home, but a family member tells us a total of seven people were living in the home.

      Saturday evening four of the family members left their Green City home and returned to their home up in flames. The other three family members were traveling, but it was a night that this young family will never forget, and now memories they will never get back.

      "They're going to be recovering for a long, long time," said executive director Deane Valkenaar, of the North Central Missouri Chapter of the Red Cross. "Any family that has a house fire like this, it's going to take them a long time to get back to where they were."

      The home was destroyed by fire while they were having family time at the NEMO Fair, but they came back to a charred home and their belongings gone.

      The Green City Community Betterment and the American Red Cross have been aggressive about helping the family in all ways possible.

      "We want to make sure they have a place to stay for the next few days, while they're getting back on their feet," said Valkenaar.

      Monday, fire crews had to come back to the home to put out flames that were still burning.

      The family didn't want to talk to us on camera, but they tell us although they have nothing, they still have life.

      Due to the generosity of the owners of the Green City Motel and Party Mart, the family now has a roof over their heads for the next two nights, but the need of a more permanent place and the desperate need for basic essential, are still there.

      "It gives us a very good feeling that we can be able to help people when their in need," said Duane Lunsford owner of the Green Motel and Party Mart. "We're very grateful and very glad that we can do this."

      "Any rentals available they might want to contact them," said Valkenaar. "It's just hard to recover from something like this. "They lost a lot of personal items, that can't be replaced."

      A place of comfort, that was full of life and full of happiness is now a place left in ruin.

      If you would like to help this family call the American Red Cross or call the Green City Community Betterment secretary and treasure Kathie Clay at 660-874-4294.

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