Family moves 70-ton home

Kim Ewing said her family is from Des Moines, and they've been in search of a historic home to preserve.

She said her children picked this home in Powersville, Missouri that was built in the 1900s out of several they had looked at.

The Ewing family bought a farm in Powersville with a home, but decided not to keep the house that was on the farm.

â??We love old houses and we wanted to save a piece of history and we bought our farm and we wanted to live up here,â?? Ewing said. â??But, I love the house so much that we decided that when we moved we just bring it with us.â??

Ewing said it has been a long process moving the historic 70-ton home to their farm.

â??This is my first experience, so it's been a little stressful, but itâ??s here.

The house moving company had to move the home almost a mile from in Powersville, over a railroad and to the farm.

Ewing said several people from different states and towns have watched the process, and many people have come up to her and said they have precious memories in the house.