Family organizes search for missing loved one

Jean Boxely, 82, of Laclede was last seen Friday afternoon.

The search for an elderly northern Missouri woman who has been missing since Friday, Nov. 16 continues.

Family members of Jean Boxely, 82, of Laclede, Missouri organized a community search for their missing loved one Wednesday morning.

Boxelyâ??s granddaughter, Kim Grienke, said people have been searching on their own since Friday.

â??It kind of appears that people are going on the same road and we just want to make sure that every single road is covered,â?? Grienke said.

Boxely was last seen buying a lottery ticket at a Brookfield gas station and then headed toward her home in Laclede.

Linn County Sheriff Tom Parks said authorities are doing everything in their power to help find Boxely.

â??Weâ??ve patrolled numerous roads,â?? Parks said.

â??We've logged several hours. Weâ??ve had assistance from the conservation agency. Weâ??ve had assistance from the highway patrol. Weâ??ve had assistance from the park rangers. We had a patrol aircraft yesterdayâ?¦ we flew Iâ??m guessing about four hours yesterday morning.â??

Her granddaughter said Boxely does not have any known medical conditions that could explain her disappearance.

â??I'm afraid that sheâ??s had a stroke or a heart attack she does have a heart condition,â?? Grienke said.

â??Sheâ??s had stint replacement in the past and sheâ??s very stubborn. You know potentially she could have had a stroke or another heart attack while she was driving.â??

Grienke said she is very thankful to the community.

â??Itâ??s amazing to me the amount of support of people that have been out from Laclede (and) the Linn county area who have gone out on their own and called and said do you have any ideas? Where do you want me to go next?" Grienke said.

Her granddaughter said if they donâ??t find her today they are going to move the search toward Springfield because they have a farm there.