Family prepares livestock for Iowa State Fair

At the Lock family farm, you won't find any boredom during summer vacation. Instead you'll find the family out in the barn with their cattle and sheep. They spend hours every day getting their livestock ready for the Iowa State Fair.

"It's really exciting and nervous at the same time. All your work has been cut out for just this one week," said Hunter Lock.

"There's so many lambs in there that half the class gets sent out immediately without being looked at twice, so that's really nerve wracking because you don't want to be in that first group," said Peyton Lock.

"The cattle and the sheep shows at the Iowa State Fair are as tough or tougher than any in the country," said Dave Lock. "I think what a lot of people don't realize is when they go to the state fair and they walk through the barns is they don't realize these projects started clear back last fall."

The Lock family says even though itâ??s a lot of work, itâ??s rewarding. The cattle even live in a special air conditioned barn, each in their own personal pen. However, all the pampering and time spent with their four-legged creatures isn't just for show.

"After a while you just really start to like your animals and you kind of like being with it. It's kind of like another friend," said Peyton Lock.

"We love them. You fall in love with them and it's hard to give them up at the end of the year," said Taylor Lock.

Their work also turns into more than just ribbons in the show ring. During their time training animals, they've learned some things about themselves as well. Their dad was also in 4H, and encouraged them to join too.

"He wanted us to have a good work ethic and teach us that things don't happen overnight it takes time for good things to happen so you have to work for it," said Peyton Lock.

"We really enjoy our time in the barn together. It's a lot of fun for us," said Dave Lock.