Family reflects on fire that destroyed their home

It has been a week since the Archer familyâ??s house burned to the ground early Thanksgiving morning. Chris Archer reflects on the moments leading up to the fire.

â??I got out of bed and went down to the basementâ?¦ It was just a sound that didnâ??t sound right. Actually my wife sleeps with an O2 (oxygen) machine and it had kicked off it made a warning beepâ??of course she had a hard time breathing without it, so she woke me up and said I think we had blew a breaker,â?? Archer said.

Archer did not think anything was wrong, so he grabbed something to drink from the kitchen, but his instincts kicked in.

â??â?¦ When I came out of the stairs of the basement, I looked up; there were flames through the roof at the time.â??

The family says although everything that once was is now gone, nothing even matters because they did not lose a life. If it wasnâ??t for the outpour of support and donations from everyone Chris says, â??Weâ??d be a lost family.â??

Since the fire, donations have been pouring in for the Archer family. â??Just everybody, family, friends, strangersâ?¦ we actually had an older man and lady from Iowa to give us a microwave,â?? Archer said.

Investigators suspect electrical problems were to blame for this fire.

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