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      Famous dealth penalty abolitionist speaks at Truman State

      Truman State University students have gained the attention of a popular writer and death penalty abolitionist.

      Sister Helen Prejean is a Roman Catholic nun and main character in "Dead Man Walking."

      Wednesday night, Trumanâ??s Amnesty International organization hosted a lecture featuring the advocate for â??doing awayâ?? with the death penalty.

      The film "Dead Man Walking" is a biographical account of her relationships with death row inmates.

      At Wednesday's lecture, Prejean gave an in-depth look into what it's like to be labeled as ones wrong-doings.

      A member of the local Amnesty International group told KTVO that the organization is glad Prejean was able to share a few of her encounters because they too believe the death penalty is unjust.

      â??She's such a strong advocate for the death penalty and she's got a big name so it's something that we thought would attract a lot of attention and bring the issue to Kirksville noticed,â?? said Akriti Panthi.

      For more information on the Amnesty International organization click here.