Famous watercolorist comes to Heartland

One of watercolorist Paul Jackson's painting in the Kirksville Art Center.

An extraordinary watercolorist will be in the Heartland Tuesday.

Paul Jackson is considered one of Americaâ??s greatest contemporary watercolorists in all categories including landscapes, portraits, architecture and even nature.

His exhibit will be on display at the Kirksville Arts Center starting tomorrow, and running through the end of October.

There are about 60 of Jacksonâ??s painting in the Kirksville Arts Center.

â??Oh we're really excited, he's just world-known and of course known across the country for his fine artwork and gotten many awards,â?? said Sharon Pritchard, a Kirksville Arts Center board member. â??So we weâ??re really thrilled he'd be interesting in coming to our community.â??

Tuesday from 11:30-1:00 p.m., Paul Jackson will be hosting a special Lunch and Learn where attendees can find out more about his work. During that time Jackson will be completing a painting, and a question and answer session will follow.

If you would like to see more of Paul Jacksonâ??s paintings CLICK HERE.