Fans pay tribute to 2012-13 Warriors

This Indian Hills basketball season was an emotional roller coaster for the players and coaching staff. Although almost no one took the sudden ending as harshly as the fans.

One fan decided to take matters into his own hands and wanted his team and fellow Warrior fans to know they were all appreciated.

Andreas Wilz is a sophomore at Ottumwa High School, and organizer of the first annual Warrior Nation Appreciation Night.

"We're happy with the turnout. We were expecting about 100, maybe 150, people and I think close to 300 have walked through the door," said Wilz.

The Knights of Columbus hosted the event which included raffles, free food, a meet and greet with players and coaches, and a speech from the Warriors Commander-and-Chief Barret Peery.

Peery was clearly touched by the generosity and support of the community. A little choked up, he addressed some of the most dedicated basketball fans in the nation.

Players were especially excited about the event and appreciate their fans more than ever.

"We appreciate the fans support during and after the season. We're very thankful for our fans," Sophomore guard Gary Ross says