Federal investigation involves Heartland business

Jim Lolli

A federal investigation involving a heartland business and activities of heartland individuals, results in the arrests of four people in the state of California.

The four people were implicated in the sale of black rhinoceros horns, in violation of the Endangered Species Act.

According to federal court papers, some of the rhino horns were obtained from Jim Lolli, an owner of Lolli BrotherĂ¢??s Livestock Market in Macon Missouri.

Records from the U.S. Postal Service show Lolli had mailed 19 packages from Macon to California since January of 2010.

Seven of the packages that were opened by federal investigators, contained a total of 18 rhinoceros horns.

The court papers also allege that one of the defendants was picked up at the Kansas City airport in a vehicle driven by Darin Scott Ziebarth, who was formerly the police chief in the city of Macon. There is further indication in the court papers that Ziebarth had taken part in at least some of the transactions involving the rhino horns. Thus far only the four California residents are facing charges in the case.

You can read the actual paperwork from the Federal Court in California by clicking here.