FEMA, local entities meet at Indian Hills

FEMA, local entities meet at Indian Hills.

On Tuesday, FEMA met with public agencies who have declared 19 counties in Iowa disaster zones.

Wapello County alone faces over $1 million worth of damage. Washouts on various bridges and roadways such as 90th Street had already been declared a disaster zone both locally and by the state of Iowa. In order for FEMA to verify individual claims, applicants, the Iowa Mitigation Bureau, FEMA representatives and local entities met at Indian Hills Community College on Tuesday to begin the next step of the process.

â??In my position, I will not only be signing for the board of supervisors, but I will also be signing for a four county watershed here that sustained a lot of damage on several structures that we've built,â?? Wapello County Supervisor Jerry Parker said.

â??This is the next step in the process of the first step in the process after were granted presidential disaster declaration essentially this step provides information to applicants because processes and rules may have changed from the last disaster,â?? Wapello County Emergency Management Coordinator Josh Stevens said. â??So this is a briefing to let the applicants know what to expect.â??

Applicants have 60 days to identify all damages and make their claims, but they prefer documentation to be in by the end of July.