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      FEMA waste slows Katrina rebound

      It??s been nine years since Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast and nine years since the Federal Emergency Management Agency was criticized for how it managed money dedicated for recovery.

      Now, a new report shows FEMA may still be wasting your money.

      A recent Inspector General??s Report cited a grant program that is allowing recipients to keep money they are not entitled to.

      The grant program provides money to pay for new buildings, but if the owner sells the old property, part of that money is supposed to be repaid to the government for the initial grant money.

      The Inspector General found FEMA is not requiring that money be repaid.

      That??s cost taxpayers $17.8 millio in repayments that have not happened.

      FEMA receives our ??Golden Hammer?? award this week because it appears they have not spent your tax dollars wisely.

      The ??Golden hammer?? is a weekly award given with our investigative news partners at the Washington Times.

      You can read more about theFEMA report by clicking here.