Fesler Auto Mall continues to thrive and support the community

One local business is celebrating a milestone this month; Fesler Auto Mall in Fairfield, Iowa is celebrating their 26th anniversary.

The dealership has been a fixture in Fairfield, selling both Fords and Chevys in the same dealership, something that is not normal in the auto industry.

KTVO spoke with co-owner Brian Starnes about the dealership and its impact on the local economy.

â??The manufactures do offer some industry specific training that some of your local small corner garages do not have. They do not have the ability, technology or the tools to properly repair and maintain some of the late model vehicles; so it is an advantage for the community to have,â?? said Starnes.

â??We are also a huge tax generator for the community. Five percent sales tax on one to two million dollars in purchases a year, it adds up for the county from a revenue standpoint,â?? said Starnes.

This coming August, Fesler will be joining forces with Ford once again to hold another â??Drive one for your schoolâ?? fundraiser. The event helps raise money for local school districts.

â??We do quite a bit throughout the local community, not just the everyday where we have people come in and ask for donations, sponsor me for this, or donate to little initiatives throughout the community. Lately, with the Ford Drive One program, we are up over $24,000 that we have given back to our community school through Ford test drives. The program is a partnership between Fesler, Ford and the community school districts. Our school systems throughout the last few years have really taken a hit with their funding,â?? said Starnes.