Financial workshop prepares students for future

Ever wonder what life will be like ten years down the road?

Students at IHCC had the chance to take a glimpse into what that may be like through the â??Life Store.â??

Each student is â??assignedâ?? a life and is told they are ten years out of high school, assigned a salary and assigned a marital status.

This financial literacy tool sends them to various stations where they encounter true to life financial decisions that they will need to make in the future.

Some of these stations include paying your taxes, rent and other expenses.

The end goal is to have money left over at the end of the month.

Organizers said they hope this gets students thinking about their finances.

â??I think that's the big thing. I don't know if they're going to take away everything today but at least we're building a base for them to be thinking about decisions that will come up down the road. Some of them will happen now and others will be ten years down the road and we had talked about -- we just want them to 'oh yeah I remember going through thatâ?? and hopefully it'll allow them to make better choices on down the road with their financial resources,â?? said Erick Danielson, supervisor for Iowa College Access Network.

Danielson said he found that a lot of students were surprised by all of the expenses that they will be facing in the near future.