Finding relief after a disaster

Several storms have hit the Heartland in the past few days and if you live out in the county where do you go? People who live in the city often can find shelter with a neighbor or friend close by. Macon County Emergency Response Manager Alan Wyatt said sometimes that can be difficult for the people who live in the county.

He said the response team only provides service after a disaster occurs. â??We've got several churches that have lined up to provide shelter in a disaster when someone loses their home,â?? Wyatt said. â??Churches have volunteered based on what they can provide. We have probably six or seven churches signed up to do that with volunteers to come in and set up the beds and then do meals, or whatever else is necessary for the people who have survived the disaster and are looking for a place to stay.â??

Wyatt said the county is definitely prepared for the aftermath of a disaster.