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      Fine Line Bluegrass band jams out at music festival

      One of the many bands performing at the Davis County Bluegrass and Old Time Country Music Festival on Saturday

      The 41st annual Davis County Bluegrass and Old Time Country Music Festival opened the fairground gates for campers to start coming in last weekend; and one week later the music couldn??t be louder.

      Bands from all over, including Fine Line Bluegrass out of Centerville came out this week for the music festival for a week full of jamming and being with family and friends.

      ??I would say the favorite part for me about playing music is the friendship and fellowship you get out of it. It's a universal language and you can get people you don't know, you've never met, and just sit down with a guitar and a banjo and it's like you've known each forever,?? said Darin Manson, ??Fine Line??.

      ??The joy of it. It??s what keeps me going. If I didn't have my music -- don't take it away from me,?? said Joan Manson, ??Fine Line??.

      And for Fine Line Bluegrass they??re not just a band, they??re family. This is one of the times where the entire family can get together in one place.

      ??We have friends that come down from other areas of the state that we get to see only once a year, and we just look forward to it every September,?? said Cara Manson, ??Fine Line??.

      ??This is almost like the Mecca of bluegrass festivals and country musical festivals around the area,?? said Darin Manson.

      ??This one here I think is the granddaddy of them all down here. Really I do,?? said Joan Manson.

      Sunday will be the last day of the festival for this year.