Finger-pointing for livestock stench in Bridge View Center

Blame is being passed around for the lingering livestock stench following the 4-H Expo that took place in July at the Bridge View Center.

The Ottumwa City Council held a special meeting on monday to discuss the topic.

Leaders of the Wapello County 4-H program suggested that the strong and long-lasting odor was a result of the Bridge View staff not circulating the air properly and consistently, which allowed humidity to build, causing the strong smell to linger.

Others who spoke at the meeting urged that all protocols should be reviewed and improved upon so it won't happen again.

"They need to look at protocol on things like the herdsmanship part. To clean up the mess immediately if there is waste, urine, manure, and clean it up immediatly," said Cornbelt Cow-Calf Conference Representative Byron Leu.

The total bill for the cost of cleanup and stench removal was over $4,000.