Fire sprinklers will be required in new homes

Starting in the year 2012, any new home in Kirksville will be required to have fire sprinklers.The rule is part of the international codes adopted by the Kirksville City Council on Monday night.All new codes will go into effect November 1st, except the sprinkler one. The governor put a hold on that one until 2012.Aaron Rodgerson was the only councilmember who voted against the codes.He says the government has no place telling people what to do when it comes to fire sprinklers or many other parts of their home.The council also voted to spend $12,000.00 on new tazers for Kirksville Police. Police Chief Jim Hughes says the money will be used to buy more tazers so each officer will have their own. Right now, Kirksville police officers share tazers and swap between officers depending on who is on duty.

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